HAWAII FIVE-0 3.07 ‘Ohuna’ (‘The Secret’)

McGarrett's sister arrives with an unexpected guest and the team goes into high gear when a teen hacker is kidnapped.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: "Ohuna"

Writer: Mike Schaub

Director: Larry Teng

Previously on "Hawaii Five-0:"

Episode 3.06 "I Ha Wa Mamua" ("In a Time Past")


If you've been itching for some serious action sequences on "Hawaii Five-0," then "Ohuna" was a very satisfying hour. If you've been itching for some funny old men in bow ties to get under McGarrett's skin, that need was also met in this episode.

It's been a while since we've seen McGarrett's screw-up sister, Mary (Taryn Manning) on the island. And this time around, she brought an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair named Morty (Shelley Berman). Mary might not be fit to fly the friendly skies, as she tells her big bro that her stewardess gig didn't work out, but she's somehow capable of caring for the geriatric.

When McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) tells Mary that momma's back, she isn't interested in seeing her. We can't really blame her and this gives Momma McG (Christine Lahti) something to do in the episode. That being "acquire the target" that is her daughter. Sometimes being a spy and a mother aren't mutually exclusive.

Mary's reunion with Momma McG was a necessary step in the larger McGarrett clan vs. Wo Fat storyline. But it was the case of a hacked-up hacker (sorry, couldn't help it) that made this episode a winner.

Hot on the trail of cyber criminal, Kong Liang, suspected of murdering computer wunderkind, Zack Slater, 5-0 enlists the help of Nerd Herder, Adam "Toast" Charles (Martin Starr). But it turns out "Toast" is no Chuck Bartowski. His "glandular issues" get the best of him when the team sends him into Kong Liang's lair undercover, forcing McGarrett and Danny (Scott Caan) to bust in. But it's Kono (Grace Park) for the win, as she comes crashing through a window to take down the perp.

It's great to see Kono get in some solid action scenes. She's too often stuck in the role of "sensitive female cop" (and there was plenty of that in this episode too). Yea, it's a little hard to believe that a chick who probably weighs a buck ten can take out a physically imposing former South African Special Forces soldier with a flying elbow, but it sure was fun to watch. It was also pretty awesome to see McGarrett back in ninja mode in an attempt to remake "Speed" by hanging on to the bottom of a police truck.

Last week, we got T.I., Terrence Howard and kinda-Kardashian, Kendall Jenner. This week, it was Ferris Bueller's BFF, Cameron aka Alan Ruck as the father of the murdered teen hacker. We also had Shelley Berman as Mary's elderly charge, Morty, who you might recognize as Larry David's father on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." And then there was Martin Starr from "Freaks and Geeks" and "Party Down" as "Toast," whoM we first met back in season one. Despite his perspiration issues and epic failure as an undercover informant, I hope we see this guy back again soon.

Storywise, this case wasn't so much about left field twists and turns as it was exciting action scenes. And I'm fine with that as I think "5-0" does a much better job delivering fast-paced, action-driven stories than weaving complex mysteries. Case in point, the Wo Fat/Shellburn saga which is still dragging on into the show's third season. The story feels like it's come full circle with McGarrett's mom, revealed to be" Shellburn," back home. Though I'd like to see this storyline wrap up by the end of the season, I'm enjoying Christine Lahti as McGarrett's spook mom. Now that he's got a full house with Mom, Mary (and Morty?) it'll be interesting to see who becomes a liability (probably Mary) and who leads McGarrett to Wo Fat (probably Mom).

International espionage conspiracies aside, "Ohuna" was a super-fun episode with a Hollywood action-comedy feel. It's another example of how "5-0" has separated itself from the sometimes sleepy police procedural genre.