Learning French with Joey Barton

[VIDEO] Barton adopts a strange French accent in this hilarious viral video.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

As we all know, when you're abroad foreigners really appreciate it when you mimic their accent, because it shows you're attempting to communicate with them on a familiar level without putting in the effort to actually learn their language. Seriously, next time you meet someone from Ireland, put on an Irish accent and enquire  about their pot of gold. They'll find it really endearing.

Ex-QPR rabble-rouser Joey Barton recognises this, after speaking to the French press following his debut league game for Olympique de Marseille with a hybrid of both a French and a Scouse accent. The outcome is hit-and-miss, but you can't fault the lad for trying. What you CAN fault, however, is his attempt at a Dutch accent, which is neither good nor relevant. Watch both of his attempts at strengthening English/French/Dutch relations below.

Learning French with Joey Barton


Learning Dutch with Joey Barton

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