You’ve Never Seen Skyrim Quite Like This

With 100 modifications installed, Skyrim can look like it was sent from the heavens above.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a pretty game. But it could look better. A lot better. One skilled PC modder has layered over 100 different mods on top of Skyrim, all running simultaneously, and the results are truly breathtaking. You haven’t seen Skyrim quite like this.

I’ll let the 30 screenshots below do the rest of the talking (click each to enlarge). And if you have a super powerful computer and a copy of Skyrim, you too can make your game look like this. Just head to this post to see what mods are installed. Happy adventuring!

skyrim_mod_1 skyrim_mod_2 skyrim_mod_3

skyrim_mod_4 skyrim_mod_5 skyrim_mod_6

skyrim_mod_7 skyrim_mod_8 skyrim_mod_9

skyrim_mod_10 skyrim_mod_11 skyrim_mod_12

skyrim_mod_13 skyrim_mod_14 skyrim_mod_15

skyrim_mod_16 skyrim_mod_17 skyrim_mod_18

skyrim_mod_19 skyrim_mod_20 skyrim_mod_21

skyrim_mod_22 skyrim_mod_23 skyrim_mod_24

skyrim_mod_25 skyrim_mod_26 skyrim_mod_27

skyrim_mod_28 skyrim_mod_29 skyrim_mod_30

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