Red Wings Prospect Arrested In Teletubby Costume

Add being 'super-drunk' to the list of times not to wear a Teletubbies costume.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

What do you get when you mix a professional athlete with a blood alcohol level of .30? Trouble, plain and simple; and that's exactly what Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan found himself in recently.

Sheahan, 20, was pulled over by Grand Rapids Police on October 29 for driving a 2012 Jeep Wrangler the wrong way on Ottawa Avenue NW, near Pearl Street. His .30 blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit and nearly double the threshold for the “super-drunk” charge he is facing following being pulled over. To make matters worse, Sheahan provided police with the driving license of teammate Brendan Smith, which got him charged with providing false information.

As bad as those charges were though, the topping of this cake was that Sheahan was dressed in the costume of a purple Teletubby, known as Tinky Winky, when he was pulled over.

Here's what the police report said:

“Riley had a Michigan driver’s license in the license window in his wallet, which is what Officer Dyer used as his ID. Deputies found Riley’s Canadian license in the wallet after it was turned in with his property and he kept telling them his name was Riley.

“Riley is only 20 and I asked him if he had Branden’s (sic) ID so he could get in the bars. He shook his head yes and stated ‘yea.’"

Tinky Winky, or Sheahan in this case, pleaded not guilty at an arraignment hearing in Grand Rapids District Court on Nov. 6 and has his next hearing scheduled for Dec. 13. He was charged under the state's new "super drunk" distinction of driving with a blood-alcohol content of .17 or higher. The charge could carry up to 180 days in jail with a conviction and possible deportation because he is not a U.S. citizen.

The Red Wings assistant general manager Jim Nill released a short statement concerning Sheahan. "He's getting help right now and will continue to get help.''

Though this is his first arrest as a Teletubby, this isn't Sheahan's first brush with the police. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication and minor alcohol consumption back in 2010.

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