How Harley-Davidson Celebrates the Holidays

Harley-Davidson unleashes a myriad of Milwaukee beers to usher in the holiday season.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

While hordes of insane shoppers destroyed department stores across America in Black Friday, motorcycle lovers in the midwest could travel to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee for the company's "Take Back Black Friday" event.

More than 17 area breweries – from mighty Miller/Coors to emerging brands like Sprecher and microbrews such as MKE set up shop in the museum's special exhibit space to offer shot glass sized samples to local bikers and beer snobs.

Everything from stout ales and bocks to Pilsners and hard ciders were on hand – along with plenty of reminders to "enjoy responsibly." Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle maker after all. Nobody wants to send a tipsy driver into the night.

The event was also supposed to feature a celebratory ride of holiday decorated motorcycles, but temperatures in the 20s and a wind gusting north of 30 mph took that off the road.

As for the brews that were the celebrities of the hour, we include a gallery below.