Ricky Gervais Sends Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis Around the World

An Idiot Abroad 3 sees the unlikely duo travel the world together.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

At this point Karl Pilkington is used to being sent around the world against his own will. After two series of An Idiot Abroad, which sees the hapless Mancunian's friends Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sending him journeying to the far corners of the earth, Pilkington must have grown somewhat accustomed to his new occupation as a begrudging travel documentarian. 

But Gervais is forcing his former XFM Radio co-host out of his comfort zone once again, this time pairing him up with Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis in order to trace the steps of infamous explorer Marco Polo. Speaking to Sky about travelling with Karl, Warwick said: "I'd have thought he'd have done a bit of research about me just to know who he'd be travelling with, but he had no clue. He didn't even know I was in Harry Potter (Warwick played Professor Filius Flitwick in all 8 of the movies)."

However, it seems that Warwick wasn't the only one who grew annoyed with his travelling partner, with Karl responding to a question regarding why he looks "miserable" in the new series by saying: "I put it down to being away with Warwick".

The pair will follow Marco Polo's route to China, deviating from the path along the way to take in the sights and meet the people, including the conjoined twins "The Spider Sisters" in India. Karl's enthusiasm to meet the twins resulted in him leaving Warwick behind, which Karl told The Sun he later felt guilty about ditching his travelling partner. "It was an amazing moment for me meeting the twins", said The Ricky Gervais Show star, before concluding in his typically unknowingly offensive manner: "It was like a kid having a pet dog, then it gets a new puppy and the old one’s forgotten about. But I can’t go back and change it now."

An Idiot Abroad 3: The Short Way Round is set to premiere in the UK tonight (Friday, November 30th) on Sky1 and Sky1HD at 9.00pm.