New Windows Phone Ads Challenge iPhone, Android Users

In a new ad campaign, Windows Phone is taking it to the streets, challenging iPhone and Android users to see which smartphone is really top dog for quality and other features.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely



In the pitched battle between the iPhone and competing Android models from Samsung, LG and the like, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has always found itself as a David waging war against opposing Goliaths.

But Microsoft hopes that’s about to change his Christmas behind the new Windows Phone 8 OS — not to mention, a new ad campaign.  In the ads, Microsoft is taking the “smartphone challenge” approach, challenging iPhone and Android users to take on the Windows Phone to see which allows faster text messaging, which takes better pictures or which offers the best options for kids.

It’s all part on a billion-dollar push to further drive Windows Phone sales, which Microsoft founder Steve Ballmer said earlier this week saw sales quadruple over 2011 figures.

Take a look at the new ad campaign above.