James Arthur Vs. Frankie Boyle: ‘You’re As Funny As AIDs’

The X Factor finalist threatens the comedian. Hilarity ensues.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

As this series of the UK X Factor limps and wheezes to its inevitable conclusion, comedian Frankie Boyle has taken the opportunity to stick the boot into finalist James Arthur, before he wanders off into a world of middling pop mediocrity. 

Boyle has taken to Twitter to reel off almost poetic insults about this year's batch of contestants, comparing Christopher Maloney to "the uncle that gets questioned when a child goes missing" and saying that aspiring boyband Union J "look like the window of River Island in Dimension Gay".

But it seems that James Arthur, who is this series' "REAL MUZISHUN" on account of the fact that he performs acoustic renditions of established songs whilst looking like he's stubbed his toe on a coffee table, isn't taking too kindly to the Scottish comedian's criticisms, retaliating to Boyle's suggestion that he looks like a "cross between a tramp and a duckling" by replying: "Poor old man making yet more shit jokes about Xfactor because he knows that's the only way he can get attention any more #prat".

Unfortunately for James Arthur, it's always unwise to engage in a war of words with a comedian. "I think if I wanted attention I'd sing covers on a talent show, inked up like a schooldesk in a remedial class", replied Boyle.

"Atleast he has some talent…." piped up a James Arthur fan with a photograph of a Labrador as his profile picture, before James responded with "what you mean as apposed to telling desperately bad jokes? Perhaps you'd have gained more respect going my route". 

But Boyle retaliated with a reference to X Factor head honcho Simon Cowell, saying: ""apposed"? I hope you didn't spell your own tattoos. I also hope Simon's demonic jizz boils through your vocal cords."

"You're about as funny as aids..", replied James, who has apparently not watched Team America, continuing: "Your a sad man and I can't wait to see you coz it's about time someone gave you a reality check". "Comedians make jokes about tits singing karaoke songs on talent shows your snaggletoothed grammar holocaust", Boyle replied. "Deal with it".

"one last thing..", James continued, evidently refusing to deal with it, "I wanna meet you and see if I don't fuck you up on behalf of many that hate you. Your children must be proud!" "Get a sense of humour you pompous alien-headed busker", responsed Boyle, attaching a video of Sloth from The Goonies for good measure.

Frankie Boyle's stand-up DVD, The Last Days of Sodom, is out now. James Arthur's debut album is out in No One Cares.

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