‘Family Guy’ Duo Bring ‘Murder Police’ Animated Series To Fox

The Sunday Animation block gets some new blood as the network tries to expand beyond its current lineup.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Longtime TV viewers may have noticed that all of the animated series on Fox’s current Animation Domination lineup basically revolve around dysfunctional families. Which is why it may be time for Fox to turn to some dysfunctional cops.

According to Deadline, “Family Guy” co-showrunner and executive producer, David Goodman and Jason Ruiz have sold an animated series called “Murder Police” to Fox; which will give the show a 13 episode first season.

“Murder Police” reportedly follows “a dedicated but inept detective and his partner in a twisted city precinct as they try to solve serious crimes.”

As noted in the original Deadline report, “Murder Police” will be the first animated series to be given a greenlight by Fox in two years. The two previous pickups, “Allen Gregory” and “Napoleon Dynamite” didn’t last very long on the network.

The reason that Fox is adding another show to the Sunday mix is that it may be looking to prepare itself for the inevitable day when “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy” leave the network. “The Simpsons” is closing in its 25th season with no word on renewal beyond that, while “Family Guy” is currently in its 11th season.

“Family Guy’” creator Seth MacFarlane is also behind “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show;” both of which have very a similar comedic tone to his original series. Presumably “Murder Police” would have its own style of comedy.

All of the shows in Fox’s current Animation Domination are renewed for next season except for “The Cleveland Show;” which has an uncertain future ahead of it. Fox is also expanding its animation shows into a new Saturday block of Adult Swim style series, including the upcoming adaptation of “Axe Cop.”