Cubs Manager Sveum Shot

Don't worry. He's OK. He just took a spray of bullets to the face from this Hall of Famer. Ya know; no big deal.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum has quite the task in front of him, considering he has to turn around a team that only won 61 games in 2012. Add to an already daunting list of demands growing eyes into the back of his head.

News broke Tuesday out of Nashville during MLB's winter meetings that Sveum got shot during a hunting accident this offseason. The culprit: friend and former teammate, Hall of Famer Robin Yount.

The two were hunting quail in Arizona when the accident happened.

"I got drilled with pellets in the back and then one stuck in the ear," he said.

ESPN is reporting that Sveum said there was plenty of blood, but that he wasn't worried.

"We do it all the time," Sveum said. "Not that close all the time, but we do get BB's fall on us."

Who does he think he is, Chuck Norris? The guy is brushing this off; as if it's no big deal.

Of course Sveum nicknamed Yount, 'Dick Cheney;' the former vice president who famously shot friend Harry Wittington in the face with pellets while also — ironically enough — hunting quail.

Hopefully Sveum didn't need as many stitches as the Cubs have needed this offseason; figuratively speaking, of course.

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