Kevin Smith’s ‘Hit Somebody’ Is Coming To Television

The director’s long awaited “final” film is being reworked as a miniseries.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For years, Kevin Smith has said that his upcoming two part hockey movie, Hit Somebody will be the last film that he directs. And while Hit Somebody may very well be the final time that Smith sits in the director’s chair, it may not be coming to theaters at all.

During the latest episode of his “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” podcast (via /Film), Smith revealed that he is currently reworking “Hit Somebody” as a TV miniseries.

According to Smith, he sought out producer Jerry Bruckheimer for advice about bringing “Hit Somebody” to life as a movie, but Bruckheimer noted that he had been trying to make a hockey film for years without any takers.

Smith also credited his longtime sidekick, Jason Mewes with turning the project into a miniseries instead of trying to cut the film’s script to a more manageable size.

Although Smith declined to say if a network is attached, he did indicate that “Hit Somebody” is going forward and that it will go into production in 2013.

/Film suggests that AMC would be a natural destination for “Hit Somebody,” since Smith’s reality series, “Comic Book Men” is already on the network. However, Smith also hosts “Spoilers” on Hulu; which could open the doors for more original programming on that service.

Which network do you think “Hit Somebody” will end up on? And who would you cast in the movie? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!