Nurse Reportedly Commits Suicide After Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

Prank call made by radio DJs impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles leads to a reported suicide.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

You may have heard of the prank call made earlier this week to the King Edward VII Hospital. In the call, Australian radio DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian called up the hospital pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. The call, which is thoroughly inoffensive, can be listened to below.

In the prank call Greig and Christian are surprised when they are passed through to Kate Middleton's nurse who, under the illusion that they are in fact the Queen and Prince Charles, informs them of the status of her health. No egregious error is made on behalf of the members of staff, but considering the amount of pressure put upon the hospital by the media regarding the situation, a statement was released by the hospital stating that they "take patient confidentiality extremely seriously" and that they were "reviewing their telephone protocols".

However, it has now emerged that Jacintha Saldanha, who was reportedly the nurse who passed the phone call along to Kate Middleton's nurse, was found dead Friday after an apparent suicide. This has inevitably led to some sections of the UK media leading a witch hunt, squarely pointing the finger of blame at the radio hosts and, as per usual, failing to acknowledge any wrongdoing on their part.

Would Jacintha have taken her own life if the media hadn't have picked up on the story and promptly used it to squeeze views out of a culture obsessed with deifying the Royal family? Unlikely. If the media hadn't decided to pick up on this non-story (foreign radio DJ's talk to Kate Middleton's nurse whilst putting on silly accents SHOCKER!) and rinse it for all that it's worth, tarting it up as if Jacintha and her co-workers had put the privacy of the beloved Royals at risk, whilst simultaneously paying photographers to stand outside the hospital in order to catch a glimpse of Kate and her inflating womb, in all likelihood the most Jacintha would have received would have been a tap on the wrist from her employers. Similarly, Mel Greig and Michael Christian wouldn't currently have their faces plastered across every tabloid in the UK, with the DJs receiving the kind of public reaction that arguably couldn't be any more hysterical had they of taken Jacintha's life themselves.

A life was tragically lost today for no good reason and the wrong people are being blamed.

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