‘Hunted’ Co-Star Adam Rayner Cast As ‘The Saint’

Former “Lost” executive producer Jesse Alexander prepares a relaunch of the classic spy series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

‘Hunted’ Co-Star Adam Rayner Cast As ‘The Saint’

Tonight on Cinemax, the season finale of “Hunted” may determine the fate Adam Rayner’s Aidan Marsh. But whether Aidan lives or dies, Rayner won’t be out of the spy game any time soon.

Deadline is reporting that Rayner has been cast Simon Templar in an upcoming reboot of “The Saint,” the 1962 spy series that featured Roger Moore in the leading role.

Like the original series, this incarnation of “The Saint” focuses on Simon Templar’s Robin Hood-like persona, as he steals from the rich to benefit himself. Saint is also described as “master of disguise, improvisation, martial arts, firearms and espionage and the quintessential English gentleman” who is also hired by government agencies for occasional assignments.

Former “Lost” and “Heroes” executive producer, Jesse Alexander is writing the pilot for “The Saint” reboot, with Simon West attached to direct. “The Saint” is being produced by Brad Krevoy and production of the pilot will go forward even before a network is attached.

Prior to “Hunted,” Rayner appeared in numerous British TV series, including “Doctor Who,” “Mistress” “Sensitive Skin” and “Miranda.” In the United States, Rayner has appeared on  “Hawthorne” and co-starred opposite Felicia Day in the “Dragon Age: Redemption” web series.

Previous attempts to remake “The Saint” include the 1997 film starring Val Kilmer and another stab at a TV revival in 2008 from Barry Levinson, Tom Fontana, Bill MacDonald and writer Jorge Zamacona which reportedly had James Purefoy attached as Simon Templar. But that incarnation of the series ultimately did not go forward.


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