The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Forget stocking sufferers, CraveOnline along with a ton of other awesome companies have some Holiday gifts for you! Get ready to win win win over the next 12 days.

Athena Stamosby Athena Stamos

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

You want presents? Then you’ll love this! We’ve got some holiday goodies that will end up in your mail box if you happen to be one of our lucky winners. Starting tomorrow Tuesday, December 11th through Saturday, December 22 we’ll be giving away something awesome or two each day! Giveaways will be popping up every morning for 12 days in a row on the CraveOnline homepage at 6AM PST/9AM EST and you’ll have till midnight to get your entry in via our email entry form. You’ll also be able to snag additional entries each day via our Facebook and Twitter pages, so keep your eyes peeled!

In addition to the “giveaway of the day”, we’ve teamed up with Graphic Lab Tees to giveaway one of their amazing pop-culture shirts each day. And don’t’ worry we’re not going to just send you a large and be done with it, the winner will be able to choose their style and size (size chart).


12 Days of Christmas Giveaways to Watch for and When…


Tuesday, December 11th: BioLite CampStove: A camp stove that also charges your phone! Amazing! We discovered the green friendly BioLite during their hurricane Sandy relief effort in NYC when they set up impromptu charging stations. Not only is this stove useful for camping, but great for your emergency kit.

Winner of the BioLight CampStove: Nicole Walton (Iowa)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Ozzy Rises Tee: Jim Hayes (Maryland)


Wednesday. December 12th: A 24″ Talking TED Bear which you can take care of forever and ever. Plus a couple TED (2012) prize packs which include one (1) Blu-Ray copy of the film, one (1) luggage tag, one (1) scarf, one (1) mini-poster, and two (2) thunder buddy sticks.

Grand Prize Winner of the TED Bear and Prize Pack: Juan Sanchez (Arizona)

Winners of the Prize Pack only: Cheryl Cuccia (Massachusetts) & Barbara Butler (Kansas)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Chewbacca’s Greedo Tee: Bill Norris (Oregon)

Thursday, December 13th: Start your PlayStations and get ready to play your heart out with these three epic games: Borderlands 2, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. You think you’ll want to leave your couch to do something else? We don’t think so.

Winners of Borderlands 2: James Good (Texas), Jason Rantanen (Minnesota), Darren Meyer (New York), & Shae Stivers (Illinois)

Winners of XCOM Ememy Unknown: Floyd Abercrombie (Mississippi), Michael Grammer (Indiana), Norman Lau (California), William Gardner (Florida), & Rob Hestar (Florida)

Winners of PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale: George Ruth (New York) & Shawn Stover (Pennsylvania)

Winner of the Graphic Lab ShoGun of Harlem Tee: Jason Ross (California)


Friday, December 14th: All the Bourne films on blu-ray which include The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, and of course The Bourne Legacy which we’ll have a single copies of as well. Jason Bourne isn’t only in Manhattan… he can be in your livinroom!

Grand Prize Winner of ALL the Bourne Films: Paul Dobersztyn (Illinois)

Winners of The Bourne Legacy only: Melissa Maszczak (New Jersey), Michelle Fuller (New York), Sarah Marshalek (New Jersey) & Brenda Henson (Kansas)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Ghost Troopers: Delia Chung (California)

Saturday, December 15th: Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000 which is compatible with most smart phones and tablets so you’ll never run out of juice for the slew of portable electronics that you’re addicted too. And yes, we’re supporting your addiction.

Winner of The Energy Station: Jamall Webb (Georgia)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Lil AvP: Kenneth Pereira (Massachusetts)

Sunday, December 16th: HB Clothing is looking out for all you big and tall men out there. Get ready cause they’re about to style you like real man with their short sleeve military shirt and long sleeve flannel. Winner gets to choose their size (size chart).

Winner of 2 HB Clothing Shirts: Barron Bessellieu (South Carolina)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Old Fashioned Brain Eaters: Jennifer Ballard (Michigan)

Monday, December 17th: Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection (15-CD Box Set) from LA-LA Land Records which showcases newly remastered scores for every episode including some previously unreleased pieces. A space dream for any geek’s ears!

Winner of Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection: Michael Rose (Utah)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Into The Black: Stephanie Grable (California)

Tuesday, December 18th: Iron Sky (2012) on blu-ray and DVD. This modern-day B-Movie has special effects that blow Hollywood out of the water. The premise: fun and ridiculous- Nazi’s landed on the moon and are coming back to earth for revenge… but your copy of Iron Sky is coming to your mail box in peace.

Winner of Iron Sky on blu-ray: Felina Maris (Nevada)

Winner of Iron Sky on DVD: Joe Eden (Ohio)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Occupy Sesame Street: Todd Isoshima (Oregon)

Wednesday, December 19th:Brainwave Cat Ears by NeuroSky react to your mood and thoghts. Give them to your girlfriend or keep them for yourself to amuse your friends and family. These cat ears make any gadget loving cat lover so happy their ears will perk up! 

Winner of the Brainwave Cat Ears: Richie Solomon (California)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Pond Nouveau: Kevin Bosch (Florida)

Thursday, December 20th:Nyko power grip for PlayStation Vita so you can play longer and keep those hands comfy. Plus a couple of copies of Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita from Capcom. This giveaway is bound to pump you up… so get ready to fight!

Winner of the Nyko Power Grip &  Street Fighter X Tekken: Daniel Moore (Florida)

Winners of Street Fighter X Tekken: Steve S. (Florida), Edward Young Jr (Ohio), Daniel Thornton (Calidornia), Doris Gardner (Illinois)

Winner of the Graphic Lab Close Encounters: Tina Galindo (Minnesota)

Friday, December 21st:The wave of the future is to look back to the past and make it stylish and funky. With the Swissvoice Corded Handset you’ll enjoy the improved sound and increased comfort of using a handset when you make calls instead of your tiny phone which should reall just stay in your pocket.
Tina Galindo

Winner of the SwissVoice: Nicholas Mitchell (Victoria, Canada)

Winner of the CM4 iPhone 5 Case: Steve S. (Tennessee)

           Winner of the Graphic Lab Close Encounters: Mark Monzo (New Jersey)

Saturday, December 22nd: Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy (40-DVD Boxed Sets) from Time Life which includes 2 disks of bonus material! Plus a number of copies of Power Rangers S1 Vol1 which will bring back childhood memories and unleash your craving for more.

Winner of the Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy: Sarah Johnson (Alabama)

Winners of the Power Rangers S1 V1: Stacy Tessier (Florida), Nicole Bouchard (Florida), Shamon Temple (New York), Charles Volstad (Minnesota), Dawn Ferguson (California)

           Winner of the Graphic Lab Close Encounters: Greg Bodish (Alabama)


Along with the official CraveOnline giveaway rules you must be 18 years or older to enter. One entry per person on each contest page. One additional entry per person, per social media post. Multiple entries via our email form do not increase your chance of winning, multiple social media posts do. Prizes are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.