Dodgers Sign Greinke To Record Deal

Read what the deal is worth and why it's a huge mistake.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Monday that they have signed Zack Greinke to a six-year contract worth approximately $147 million, according to an ESPN source.

The contract is the largest ever for a right-handed pitcher and is more than the $144 million extension the Phillies gave Cole Hamels just last summer. The deal is also the second most lucrative in history for a pitcher, only falling short to the $161 million deal CC Sabathia signed with the Yankees in 2009.

Here's why the deal is beyond detrimental to the Dodgers:

Greinke hasn't been elite since his 2009 Cy Young season.

While in Kansas City during his epic '09 campaign, Greinke threw 229 innings (career high), 242 strikeouts (career high), had an ERA of 2.16 and a WAR of 10.1 (both career highs). Fact is, Greinke hasn't even come close to those numbers since, averaging a 3.83 ERA in the three seasons following his record-setting season. Good, but not good enough to deserve the greatest contract for a righty in the history of the sport.

Greinke also struggled on the road last season — something he's done most of his career — in which hitters batted .272 against him. And we haven't scratched the surface on his social anxiety disorder. Dodger Stadium can be empty. It can also get very rowdy. Buckle up, Zack.

Magic Johnson and his partners just spent $2 billion in the purchase of the team last spring. This past summer they spent gobs of money in trades with Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Brandon League and Adrian Gonzalez. They still have to pay Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier as well.

The rate at which the Dodgers are spending money well surpasses any business intellect they claim to have. They keep throwing money at former All-Stars that have fallen on rough times — and by rough times I mean awful numbers — and the result is going to be tragic to true blue Dodgers fans.

Poor Vin Scully.

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