The Aura Group Debuts MovieConnect in Canada

New service is first of its kind in the country.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The Aura Group announced out of LA today the launch of their proprietary MovieConnect technology across
the Canadian market. The service, which allows studios to promote their films and provides easy ticketing solutions, is the first of its kind available in the country.

"Moving into Canada is part of the long-term growth strategy for MovieConnect," said David Bailey, CEO and founder of the Aura Group, in an official press release. "This move will enable movie studios to have a greater impact on ticket sales and further the efficacy of their advertising campaigns."

Available in Canada from coast to coast, users can search theater listings by radius, date and postal code or by device location for mobile campaigns. Additionally, users are able to purchase tickets via all major online ticketing services, along with other movie ticketing outlets, including independent exhibitor ticketing systems.

All MovieConnect service platforms, including MovieConnect Desktop (HTML5, Flash), MovieConnect Mobile, and the MovieConnect Facebook App are included in the Canadian launch. Plans are underway to launch the
exclusive MovieConnect technology throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and South America in coming years as well.

Visit their official website for more info.