The Full Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer is Here

After a one-minute preview premiered two weeks ago, we finally get a good, long look at J.J. Abrams' latest.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

"There's greatness in you. But there's not an ounce of humility. You think you can't make mistakes, but there's going to come a moment when you realize you're wrong about that. And you're going to get yourself and everyone under your command killed."

You saw the one-minute preview trailer, now here's the "actual" trailer for J.J.Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, courtesy of Apple Trailers. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood return in the sequel to 2009's epic franchise reboot, and this time they're facing off against a mysterious new villain – supposedly named John Harrison, but rumored to be either Khan or Gary Mitchell – on May 17, 2013.


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