Supurbia #2: Hitting The Fan

The superhero soap opera's twists and turns start to reach a fevered pitch.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Supurbia #2

The gimmick of Grace Randolph's Supurbia was essentially a Desperate Housewives soapy take on the superhero genre. But lest you think this Boom! Studios series is that kind of schmaltz-schlock, think again. It's still a fun superhero book – it's just the setting and focus is a bit different. With Supurbia #2, the second issue of the ongoing series based on the previous miniseries, some of the bigger plot arcs are coming to a head.

One of them is the eye-catching story of Helen Heart, aka "reformed" supervillain-in-hiding Hella who is now living in the Meta Legion's secret suburban neighborhood as the resident bad girl, and determined reporter Hayley Harper threatening to expose the fact that she's still alive, well, and the personal boff-toy of the sociopathic Superman-allegory Sovereign. Another is Batu, Daughter of the Bright Moon, aghast at the discovery that her neglected son is the one who has inherited her powers and not her daughter, taking the boy to her she-woman man-haters tribe for an "honorable death." A third is the illicit affair between Night Fox and his partner Agent Twilight – the latter of whom is threatening to come out publicly as gay, while the former is still demanding the closet or else, because he's married to his corporate manager Alexis and is having issues because he caught her kissing a business partner.

Yes, it's a lot of relationship angst, but that's where a lot of interesting character stuff happens, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with shifting the emphasis of the action there instead of boff-socko fighting stuff. While the art from Russell Dauterman, I'm hot and cold on – sometimes it feels just way too cartoony for my tastes, but he can really bring home an emotional close-up, too – Supurbia overall is a very involving bunch of dramatic entanglements – messy and fraught with secrets in danger of exposure.

Of course, I've been addicted to Days of Our Lives and Another World before, so take that into account. I'm going to go back through Supurbia #2 and try to find out which one of these characters would best be played by Drake Hogestyn.

I'm thinking Sovereign.