CES 2013: Spare One Emergency Phone

The Spare One Emergency Phone is calling its share of attention at this year's CES.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Life on the slammed floor of the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show can sometimes make you feel like you need to be rescued. It makes sense that the Spare One Emergency Phone is getting some attention at the huge trade show.

The concept is simple, elegant and important. Spare One uses a single AA battery to keep the emergency phone powered for up to 15 years. You keep the phone handy or safely stored away until needed. You can then call emergency services with the 10 hours of talk time without the need of a separate cell carrier.

It's perfect for hurricane or earthquake kits, remote camping trips or the car. It retails for $100, and it's one of those CES items you can buy right now, in or out of Vegas.

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