Bryan Singer Enters ‘The Twilight Zone’

The X-Men director signs on for a potential reboot of the classic anthology series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

“You open this door with the key of imagination.”  – Rod Serling


Ten years after the last revival, “The Twilight Zone” may be heading back to television for a fourth incarnation of the iconic series.

Deadline is reporting that Bryan Singer has signed a deal with CBS TV Studios to executive produce and possibly direct a new reboot of “The Twilight Zone,” based upon the classic anthology series created and hosted by Rod Serling.

The new incarnation of “The Twilight Zone” doesn’t have a writer or a director attached yet, nor does it currently have a deal lined up at a network. However, CBS seems to be the most likely destination.

“The Twilight Zone” originally ran for five seasons on CBS from 1959 to 1964. CBS also ran the first “Twilight Zone” reboot in 1985, while UPN aired “The Twilight Zone” in 2002 which featured Forest Whitaker as the host of the show. It lasted only a single season on UPN.

While Singer is best known for directing The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns and the first two X-Men films, he has also worked extensively in television. Singer executive produced “House,” “The Triangle,” “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Football Wives.” Singer also directed the pilot episodes of “House,” “Football Wives” and the recently broadcast “Mockingbird Lane,” a revival of “The Munsters.”

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