Canadian Content Is Important In Books, Music And Film: Survey

Department of Canadian Heritage poll find Canadians want home-grown content.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

We Canadians love our Canadian subject matter when it comes to reading material, music, books, and magazines, a recent survey found.

A poll commissioned by The Department of Canadian Heritage measured how much Canadians care about Canadian content – and we care a lot. We also don't think certain mediums, like movies, get the recognition that they deserve.

An article by the Canadian Press found that about 92 per cent of respondents said access to Canadian books and music was important, while about 90 per cent said the same for films and magazines. Around 80 per cent said they could easily find Canadian books and magazines of interest, and 69 per cent said they had no trouble finding Canadian music online. But when it came to home-grown films, respondents felt there's more to be done – while 77 per cent said they were interested in watching Canadian films, large numbers suggested they weren't getting enough chances to do so. And approximately 73 per cent said more Canadian films should be aired on TV and 65 per cent said there should be more Canadian movies in theatres.

Only 51 per cent believed they could easily find Canadian films to watch and just 36 per cent thought they were well-promoted and advertised.

The final report was compiled by Quorus Consulting Group Inc.

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