Gail Simone Re-Hired For Batgirl

In a rare reversal, DC has un-fired the popular scribe from the character with whom she's become synonymous.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Batgirl #4

Wow. Fans can make an impact at DC Comics.

The wildly unpopular decision to fire Gail Simone from Batgirl after #16 has been effectively reversed, as Simone herself just tweeted "Here's a thing. Gail Simone is the new Batgirl writer," and soon added "NOT A HOAX."

Simone had been quite magnanimous considering the abruptness of that decision, and she remains so now that it's been rescinded. She thanked DC for the privilege and "everyone who wanted this to happen."  One wonders if DC's current golden god Scott Snyder, who will soon be writing both Batman and Superman and who was one of the first people to welcome Simone back into the fold on Twitter, may have had some say in the matter.

Likely, it was massive fan outcry that made a difference, because if anybody has a cult following in his industry, it's Gail Simone. She gets it. She's genial, she's jovial, she loves everybody and she's a hell of a talent. The mysterious DC hardline against bringing back Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown in any form was bad enough for them (including vetoing Simone's own pitches in that regard), but actually axing Simone from writing the character she's been closely associated with for years now – since her seminal run on Birds of Prey – was never going to go over well. As Bleeding Cool speculated, DC probably doesn't want every convention panel next year to be full of angry people taking them to task for getting rid of her – and this will give her a hell of a lot of pull now in any of the famed DC editorial disputes.

Still, it's a good call, and may quell the angry hordes before the boycott really got going. Now, let the speculation begin – is she coming back to her own Batgirl book she just left, or have they finally relented and are giving her a Cain/Brown book, maybe? Think about it!