StyleMayvin Shops for Fashion Savvy Men

StyleMayvin TStrong's ShopStyle service will look out for your best shopping options in the new year.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

If you had some trouble coming up with the right gift ideas this Christmas – or if you generally struggle looking for bargains to establish your personal style – a new service out of New York might offer you a little help.

TStrong – an east coast-based fashion and lifestyle writer running under the StyleMayvin banner – is now offering her ShopSTYLE service.

StyleMayvin offers her services as your personal shopper. She’ll head out into the wilds of retail and social media to document the trip fun. Though Christmas is past us this year, you might come away with a few gift cards you want to burn. She’ll give you a hand with those, too.

“This is a seasonal service that I plan to continue offering each year with various retail outlets,”  TStrong said. “This year's chosen sponsor is Saks Fifth Avenue. If you love Saks as much as I do, and you're planning to do any shopping there this holiday season and beyond, please don't hesitate to contact me.”

StyleMayvin will talk trends and shop, forging a sort of fashion-driven consulting friendship. You get the idea.