‘Doctor Who’ Season 7.5 Trailer

Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Spoilers ahead for last night’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special, “The Snowmen!”

If Amy Pond was “The Girl Who Waited” then Clara Oswin Oswald is “The Girl Who Died… Twice.”

Somehow, Jenna-Louise Coleman’s new character exists in at least three different time periods as identical versions of herself. At some point in the future, Oswin became trapped in the Dalek Asylum where she met her final fate. And in Victorian England, Clara was fatally injured after being pulled out of the TARDIS almost immediately after the Doctor (Matt Smith) accepted her as his new companion.

In the present, yet another Clara exists who is seemingly unaware of her other incarnations. Are the multiple Clara’s some kind of trap for the Doctor? Is Clara somehow being reincarnated? Or is something else in play?

BBC’s newest trailer for the second half of “Doctor Who” Season 7 brings these questions to the forefront as the Doctor investigates the mysteries of Clara alongside her modern day version. And from the looks of the trailer, we haven’t seen the last of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Catrin Stewart) or even Mr. Strax (Dan Starkey).

There are also several new monsters ahead, as well as the return of the Cybermen!



“Doctor Who” returns to BBC America and BBC One in April 2013.