Top 5 Sports Acquisitions Of 2012

We take a look back at 2012’s most notable jersey changers.

Joshua Caudillby Joshua Caudill

Denver Broncos signing Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning may go down as the greatest quarterback of all time. He lead the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl XLI victory while winning four Most Valuable Player awards along the way. Manning's resume would make any sane person believe that the Colts would do everything possible to keep him on their roster. Not the case.

After missing the entire 2011 season due to a neck injury, the Colts decided to release Manning just days before he would receive a $28 million bonus. It didn't take long for the Denver Broncos brass to swoop in and snatch Manning. The critics claimed Manning was finished and would be an embarrassment. Well, they were wrong. Entering week 17, Manning has thrown for 4,355 yards, 34 TDs, and only 11 INTs. Oh, and he has lead Denver to the best record in the conference.


Josh Hamilton signing with the Angels

Josh Hamilton's life and journey could easily be made into a movie. Well, Hamilton just started a new chapter by signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — the most ridiculous name in sports — in December.

The $125 million signing set the baseball world on fire. There is not a team in baseball that can match the bat power that will reside in the front of the Angels lineup. Hamilton joins AL Rookie of the Year, Mike Trout and the legendary, Albert Pujols. For a once troubled person, it's fitting that this story of redemption ends with Hamilton getting his wings.


New York Jets trade for Tim Tebow

Very few players transcend sports like Tim Tebow does and that is why he is ranked at No. 3.

This acquisition was not a success for anyone involved and was just a sick plot of the publicity hungry and dysfunctional Jets organization. The Jets never had any intentions of playing Tim Tebow and instead wasted an entire season of his career. This was made very clear when head coach Rex Ryan benched starting QB Mark Sanchez in favor of third string quarterback Greg McElroy.  The outcome of this move is obvious. There are no winners in this acquisition.


Dwight Howard is finally traded….to the Lakers

It's fitting that the drama surrounding where Dwight Howard would play, ended up in the most dramatic freak show city possible. The Los Angeles Lakers put an end to the constant media circus and pulled off a trade for the big man by simply giving up Andrew Bynum. Howard left Orlando and joined former MVPs, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash for the 2012-2013 season.

This team was supposed to dominate but has produced a record of 15-15 and the sports coverage of this failure is constant. Howard traded one circus for another.


Houston Rockets break up the Three Musketeers and land James Harden

The Oklahoma City Thunder, fresh off a NBA Finals appearance, did the unthinkable. They traded James Harden to the Rockets.

Harden was a key piece to a possible dynasty but was in the shadow of stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Harden forced the Thunder's hand by turning down a huge contract offer simply because it was $4.5 million less than the maximum deal the Houston Rockets could offer. 

Now Harden and his beard can shoot the ball as much as they like in Houston and not worry about sharing the spotlight.

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