Marvel Wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt for The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Dark Knight Rises star joins Garrett Hedlund and Joel Edgerton on the studio's short list for Star-Lord.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Marvel Studios is treading very carefully with Guardians of the Galaxy, the upcoming sci-fi action film from director James Gunn. The original comic book series doesn't have the built in fanbase that A-Listers like Captain America and Iron Man do, so they're being extra careful who they cast in the lead role of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, the half-human/half-alien hero who leads a intergalactic superhero team consisting of Gamora (the most dangerous woman in the galaxy), Drax the Destroyer (the most dangerous man in the galaxy), Rocket Raccoon (a rocket raccoon) and Groot (a tree). With a line-up like that, Guardians of the Galaxy might be a tough sell, so it's only natural that they're looking at one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood to take on the lead role: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Back in November, Marvel's short list of actors in consideration for the role reportedly included Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy), James Marsden (X-Men), Joel Edgerton (Zero Dark Thirty), Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas), Lee Pace (Lincoln), Jack Huston ("Boardwalk Empire") and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables). Deadline's announcement that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in contention as well should come as no surprise, because Levitt's at the top of just about every short list in Hollywood these days. It does not, unfortunately for Guardians of the Galaxy fans, mean he's a likely contender. He's probably the busiest actor on that list, and may – if the rumors are true (and that's a big "if") – be too focused on playing Batman to consider another big superhero franchise at the moment. 

Moreover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt already has a history of being connected to big projects in the media without, you know, actually having anything to do with them. Last year, the actor was said to be attached to a remake of Little Shop of Horrors, only to tell CraveOnline"I'm not. I never was."

All this being said, we sure would like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and would be ecstatic if this actually came together. Who would you guys like to star as Peter Quill?

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