Unemployed Bloke Erects Billboard to Beg for a Job

You can't fault his determination.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Most people in the UK who can't find work after a few weeks simply give up and go to the pub instead, but not Adam Pacitti. Adam Pacitti is a man who deals with the disheartening process of job-seeking by plastering his giant face across a billboard in London, which if nothing else was probably a lot less time-consuming than running around Shoreditch handing out CVs.

Adam erected the billboard in order to promote his website EmployAdam.com, where he reveals that he has a first class honours degree that isn't helping him make it big in the "slightly vacuous" world of media. He also likes professional wrestling.

We're not sure whether insulting the profession of your potential employers/knowing how to administer a choke hold will get you very far, Adam, but we're still rootin' for ya, buddy.

Sidenote: Adam is also the creator of the rather bloody good documentary EVERYTHING'S BIGGER: An Accidental Guide to Texas, so if he doesn't get a job out of this shameless PR stunt I'll eat my hat.

Another Sidenote: I don't actually wear hats, so I'll just gnaw on my hair instead.