New Marvel NOW Teaser: XX

Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel are teaming up for what we have to assume is some kind of X-book.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


So Marvel NOW is still making with the cryptic teasers for upcoming books, this time reaching as far as April.

Brian Wood, who has been writing alternate-reality X-Men tales in Ultimate Comics: X-Men and the regular straight-up X-Men book as well as the impressive Dark Horse comic The Massive and the newly-debuted Mara, is teaming up with big-time Thor artist Olivier Coipel for something we only know right now as XX.




We know that three Xs mean either porn or hooch, but 2X either means fat guys or – as the DNA strand would seem to imply – the chromosomes that determine female sex characteristics. Thus, it seems like we're getting a lady-focused X-book. Will it be 616, or will Wood get to play in his own reality some more, or will it be an Ultimate book?

Speculate away!


UPDATE: Marvel also sent us this today.




Oh, jeez. Thunderbolts is going to just get more ridiculous.