CBC’s “Cracked” Debuts Tonight

New series brings together crime and medical dramas.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Inspired by real-life stories, the crime-medical drama "Cracked" premieres on the CBC tonight.

The new hour-long series looks at the psychological side of policing and the impact it has on officers. It stars David Sutcliffe ("Gilmore Girls," "Private Practice") as Detective Aidan Black, a seasoned officer dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as Stefanie von Pfetten ("NCIS," "Battlestar Galactica") as psychiatrist Dr. Daniella Ridley – together they lead their team in a newly formed Psych Crimes Unit where they are joined by Poppy Wisnefski (played by Luisa D'Oliveira) and Leo Beckett (played by Dayo Ade). Together they combine police investigative skills and psychiatric insight to resolve crises and solve crimes.

The series reflects the reality that an overwhelming percentage of police calls involve people with mental illnesses or psychiatric disorders. "Cracked" is created by writer Tracey Forbes ("Flashpoint," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Toronto Emergency Task Force officer Calum de Hartog and is produced by White Pine Pictures in association with the CBC. “It was inspired by crisis intervention teams here in Toronto, front line police officers working alongside mental health professionals – that was the ‘Aha’ moment I had. It felt like a unique partnership in caring and very relevant,” de Hartog said in an interview with CBC News.

"Cracked" airs tonight on CBC at 9pm.

Photo: cbc.ca