Musburger Goes GaGa Over QB Girlfriend During Alabama-Notre Dame Telecast

[Video] Monday night showed us two things: Alabama is still superior, making Notre Dame look like a joke, and Brent Musburger is crushing hard on A.J. McCarron's girlfriend in the process.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

If you're an Alabama fan, last night's BCS championship 42-14 romp was one giant highlight reel. If you're a Notre Dame fan, you're probably still in bed, hung over from drinking your sorrows into oblivion.

For the rest of the country, in watching a game that was never really close as soon as the kickoff commenced, the real highlight of the night surrounded Katherine Webb — Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend and the current Miss Alabama– and commentator Brent Musburger.

"Wow, I'm telling ya, you quarterbacks, you get all the good lookin' women. What a beautiful woman…whoa!" states Musburger.

Watch out, A.J. Sounds like someone might be eyein' the girlfriend a little too keenly.  Listen carefully and you can hear color commentator Kirk Herbstreit agree.

To their credit, it looks like the fellas at ESPN weren't the only 'pros' who were smitten. Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett also got caught sending out an accidental tweet that was meant to be a private message in an attempt to ask out the beauty queen via Twitter.

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