New Marvel NOW Teasers: Smash & Fired

Some interesting developments for both Indestructible Hulk and Superior Spider-Man.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


Marvel has begun making new teasers not only for new comics in the offing, but also for upcoming story beats in their ongoing NOW books. Today, we got a couple of new things.

First, came this particular teaser for Superior Spider-Man.




That's right. Otto Octavius living in Peter Parker's body is going to get Spider-Man fired from the Avengers come April… which means this plotline is continuing until at least April, for those of you who are outraged by this turn of events in Spidey's life. He'll likely also be fired from Horizon Labs at some point – if he doesn't quit on his own.

This whole thing is kind of curious. Perhaps Slott has thought that Peter's life had been too good for too long, and having an archvillain running it for a while is the way to completely smash up all his good fortune and make him really down on his luck when he gets back. One sticking point in my mind is that I wouldn't particularly peg Otto as being good at acting. I have no idea how he's going to really fool the Avengers into thinking he's just Peter but more dickish rather than having them know Something Has Happened.

Give it time. Trust in Slott. Breathe easy.


A brighter note might be coming from Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk.




Walt Simonson stepping in to do a Hulk/Thor story? Does Hulk actually get to lift the freakin' hammer in Bruce Banner's apparent quest to show he can outdo the rest of the Marvel Universe at everything?

Yeah, this is gonna be interesting.