Charlie Sheen Reveals Major League III Plot Details

Sheen also says they want Wesley Snipes to return if he gets out of jail in time.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Charlie Sheen has been talking about Major League III ever since he left “Two and a Half Men.” We even got updates from him when he was promoting his FX comedy “Anger Management.” Sheen attended the Fox party for the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour and this time he told us where the script, by David S. Ward, picks up with Sheen’s character Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn after 20 years.

“Selling cars, Sheen revealed. “If you buy a car from me, I play catch with your kid for 10 minutes. Seriously, it’s gotten that bad. My arm’s dead and then I find out I’ve got a son from a one night stand in Mexico who’s in the Cleveland system who’s throwing 105. He’s the new Wild Thing. It’s pretty cool.”

Sheen said the entire team from Major League I and II are in Ward’s new script. The cast of the original included Tom Berenger, Dennis Haysbert and Corbin Bernsen. “Everybody except James Gammon obviously who unfortunately died.”

Even Wesley Snipes, who was replaced by Omar Epps in the sequel, may return if he’s released from prison. “David Ward’s been reaching out to him, though, Sheen said. “If we can’t spring him, we’ll just shoot him in close-up.”

There was a third movie called Major League: Back to the Minors with Haysbert, Bernson and a different cast in 1998. Sheen has long been saying he doesn’t consider that Major League III, and he confirms Ward’s script ignores Back to the Minors. “We’re pretending we live in a universe where that doesn’t exist.”

Now, what will it take for us to actually see this Major League III? Sheen gave us an update on the financing too. “Actually, we’ve got a convoy heading to Prague right now to meet with some investors to give us the money for the movie. Like, as we speak.”

We’ll be back with more on Major League III after we pray to Jobu. 

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