12 Funniest Online Comedy Videos of 2012

A look back at all the LOLs…

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Every day, I sort through the internet’s humor tubes to bring you the funniest stuff out there. This challenge was to take all the funniest stuff out there and turn it into a short list all its own, a Herculean task – if Hercules spent his time in front of a computer all day, watching goofy sketch comedy videos and drinking sodas. Here are my picks for the 12 funniest online comedy videos of 2012:


Gilbert Gottfried Reads 50 Shades of Grey

Jafar got really creeped out watching this.


The Rubberbandits – “Black Man”

Maybe the Indian man could pass? Eh, it was an idea.


Onion Talks: Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought



10 Not-So-Useful Life Hacks

Butts butts butts… hey, it’s working!


Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

Also, why am I aging, but not realizing it?



Other sites pale in comparison.


Facebook Law For Idiots

Also, if you put “I can fly” in your Facebook status, you can totally do that, too.


Rejected Pitches – “Pulp Fiction”

You know what they call “burning down the entire studio” in France?


Kimberly Cole Music Video Audition

Keith Apicary danced his way into our hearts, but not this music video.


Kid Snippets – “Basketball Class”

At first, I thought this was a re-enactment from the film Blue Chips.


Gungan Style

Meesa wanna go super meta!


The Beards – “Got Me A Beard”

How many beards do you got?


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