TCA Press Tour 2013: FX Panel Report

FX's John Landgraf talks about “Anger Management’s” epic run and future seasons of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “American Horror Story.”

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

FX President and General Manager John Landgraf spoke to the Television Critics Association today. After the session, FX publicist John Solberg announced “Brand X with Russell Brand” returns in February as a full hour. Landgraf had left the stage so he had no quotes about the expansion.

Landgraf also spoke about some of the other FX comedies, including “Anger Management” which will run 90 new episodes in the next two years. “It’ll basically stay on the air without interruption for two years,” Landgraf said. “We have essentially 45 new episodes a year. We wouldn’t generally program Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or a major sporting event. So we’ll take off six weeks a year but other than that there’ll be a new episode of ‘Anger Management’ every Thursday for two years.”

We spoke with Charlie Sheen and producer Bruce Helford at a TCA party last night and will bring you those interviews as “Anger Management” airs. Landgraf also commented on recurring guest star Martin Sheen.

“Obviously we think Martin Sheen is a great actor both [comically] and dramatically. We asked for the producers and Lionsgate to reach out and try to bring him in as a regular character, and they did. In something like every third episode, Martin Sheen will be appearing. When I looked at the series, I thought it would be a better series if it was also a multi-generational series.”

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” had been picked up for a ninth season long ago. Landgraf believes  that we’ll get one more. “I think there’s a high likelihood there’ll be a 10th season. 10 years is an awfully good run for any scripted series. Whether it goes on will be a function of whether the people who created it [want to].”

On the drama front, FX has “The Bridge” waiting in the wings. Landgraf hasn’t confirmed it yet. “We haven’t picked up ‘The Bridge’ yet but I’ve seen it and it’s a great pilot.”

As for “American Horror Story,” Ryan Murphy has discussed which cast members may return for season three, presumably as different characters in that show’s format. Landgraf only echoed Murphy.

“I kind of leave that to Ryan. Hasn’t he made some public statements about [casting]? I think Jessica Lange will be back, but I’m not sure. That is such an auteur work on Ryan’s part. He tells me what he’s going to do and I say great.”