A.J. McCarron’s Reaction To Katherine Webb’s New Twitter Fame

[Video] See the first moment the Alabama quarterback finds out about his girlfriend's new Twitter fame, which includes a 'follow' from one super-star athlete.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Brent Musbuger is catching a lot of heat for his hyperbolic comments about Katherine Webb on Monday night's BCS National Championship broadcast. Okay, were they really hyperbolic? Probably not. But it was still hilarious. Is everyone taking it too far? Yes. Musburger's comments weren't offensive or demeaning in any sense. They shouldn't have warranted a public apology from ESPN, which was given following the commotion. Even Webb's boyfriend, Bama quarterback A.J. McCarron — who ironically enough is now taking a backseat to his girlfriend's new found fame — joked around about the telecast. His reaction in the video below following his second consecutive national title is priceless.

Watch to see McCarron's reaction when he's told his girlfriend's Twitter just blew up like the Fourth of July, including a 'follow' from LeBron James.

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