Even More Marvel NOW Teasers

Deadpool! Sif! Kids murdering each other - perhaps balanced out by "birth?" What's going on here?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


It's the thing this week – a bunch of teasers coming out about Marvel NOW, balancing some mystery titles with some image-heavy plugs for future story arcs in the new-look books.

Let's start with the mysterious one-word tease:




Jason Aaron, who's currently hitting homers with Thor: God of Thunder, and Simone Bianchi of Wolverine and Spider-Men fame…  yeah, no clue what this one's about. It's bluish-purple? Kind of… Nightcrawlery, maybe?


But fine, we're stumped. Let's jump to one we do know:


Journey Into Mystery


Kathryn Immonen is currently giving us Sif stories in the pages of Journey Into Mystery, so this continues to keep the world of Asgard churning – hey, a Thor movie sequel's coming out, and she'll be in it, don't ya know. That's some kind of angry jungle cat, though. That's a cat, right? It's not the Fenris Wolf or something? Okay, maybe we don't know that, either.

Here's one!

Avengers Arena


Yes, Avengers Arena shall continue with the forcing of teen kids to murder each other at the behest of Arcade. It's been well-written and well-drawn so far, despite the frustrating Hunger Games-ripping premise that's a bit more awful than perhaps originally intended due to… no, let's… let's not go there. Ugh. I'm sorry, sirs, I just can't stomach your book as entertainment these days. Like the players, hate the game.


Somebody, please, derail this horrible train of thought!




Deadpool vs. Ice Cream Truck! Dare we hope this is Deadpool vs. Eye Scream, the mutant who can turn into ice cream?