Dan Slott Teases ‘Spider-Man 2099’

Slott cops to his Twitter prank, and then promises we'll see Miguel O'Hara in Superior Spider-Man.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Spider-Man 2099

A few months back, Spider-Man writer Dan Slott tweeted what appeared to be an accidentally-public direct message to artist Ryan Stegman with notes on what 'Miguel' should look like, complete with talons. This led people to speculate that the star of Superior Spider-Man might just be Miguel O'Hara, the kick-ass lead character from Spider-Man 2099.

Of course, as we now know, that isn't the case, and over at MTV, Slott copped to throwing out the red herring intentionally.  However, he also apologized to the fans (like me) who got excited at the notion of seeing Miggy back in the spotlight, and gave us something to look forward to.


"This is not a prank," he says. "You will see Miguel O'Hara in Superior Spider-Man."

Now this could still be a cheap out – he could appear in some weird splash page in a Madame Web vision and have no discernible effect on anything. However, if we are to assume that Slott is actually going to make good with those of us he So Egregiously Wronged with this prank, here's how he can do it the right way: actually use the real Miguel O'Hara.

Relatively real. I know we're talking funnybooks here.

What I mean is that he has to incorporate Miguel O'Hara as originally created back in the 1990s by Peter David (who could use your support by buying his books now that he's suffered a stroke and his livelihood is in jeopardy – not to mention his financial well-being thanks to medical bills) and not the other permutations of him we've seen since. The original Miggy was a reluctant, self-absorbed, very adult superhero in a world where they'd all but died out in a bygone era called "The Heroic Age." He was sarcastic – often too harshly so – and he was deeply flawed (cheated on his longtime girlfriend by sleeping with his kid brother's fiancee) and bristled against that famous Spider-Man 'responsibility' quite often when it inconvenienced him. Hell, the only reason he became a Spider-Man was becuase one of his co-workers hated him so much that he sabotaged his high-tech attempt to cure himself of a genetically-addictive drug – one that was forced on him by his boss, an evil son of a bitch named Tyler Stone, who would later turn out to be Miguel's real father. There is a lot of meat to this character.

However, when Chris Claremont took over Exiles, he brought in some version of Miguel O'Hara on that extra-dimensional team (it was much like Greg Pak's current X-Treme X-Men book in premise) who didn't look anything like David's character, and who was exceedingly bland. Also, a few years back, there was a 10th anniversary revival of 2099, which tried to update it like everybody does, by making Miguel into a teenager who was also still pretty bland. Don't use either of those versions, Mr. Slott.

Use Peter David's Spider-Man 2099 – and give him a lot of awesome stuff to do. They can be completely separate back-up stories if you wish, but just bring the real guy. He's more than just a cool costume.