CES 2013: It’s WheeMe, the Back Massaging Robot!

[VIDEO]: It's your own personal massaging robot -- but before your mind starts to head into less-innocent places, check out the WheeMe doing its thing for attendees at CES 2013!

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

It's been a long day, you're beat and you just want to relax and loosen up.  As convention goers on the floor of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show can attest, now you could have your own personal massaging robot to take care of working out the kinks for you. 

It's WheeMe, the little massager that not only pilots itself across the dangerous terrain of your back, it digs in and helps relax all those tense, hard-to-reach places.  Wait, did this just get dirty again?

Don't miss the video (no, not THAT kind of video!) of the WheeMe working its magic on the manly physique of Crave's Nash Harrington.

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