CES 2013: Beyzacases Banks on Aston Martin Cases

Beyzacases offers a line of stylish leather cases based on the interiors of Aston Martin super cars.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Beyzacases, a Middle East-based designer of iPhone and iPad cases, introduced a line of Aston Martin inspired products at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

I've driven Astons in my role as Automotive Editor here at Crave Online – most recently in New Orleans at the debut of the new V12 Vanquish. A close up look at this Beyzacases line reveals the high quality leathers used to mirror the hand-stitched interiors of James Bond's favorite rides.

Now, I tried to interview the folks behind these cases. I really did. I wanted to ask how much these cases would sell for and when they'd officially hit the road. I tried for 15 minutes, and I couldn't get their attention long enough to ask decent questions.

Why? Aging magician and Las Vegas legend David Copperfield had just visited their booth, and they were too giddy to think straight. Once I realized that the small, impromptu party of celebrity photo sharing wasn't going to end any time soon, I tapped. Only in Las Vegas…

We'll revisit these cases for proper reviews once everyone at Beyzacases gets a post-Vegas grip.

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