CES 2013: Ford Looks to Electrify Car Loving Homes

Ford used the 2013 CES to introduce their MyEnergi Lifestyle concept of holistic electricy usage

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

In the last couple of years, the Ford Motor Company went all in along green car lines. From the Ford C-max plug-in to the Fusion Hybrid to the Ecoboost line, the Dearborn automaker is all about conservation, clean energy and reclaimed materials now.

While at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in force, Ford introduced their new MyEnergi Lifestyle concept — an overall theory that the electricity that goes into your car is the same as the power used by your home. If your car Ford-built can be more efficient, Ford theorizes their tech can save power throughout the household.

At CES, Ford presented the idea that announced that a car manufacturer can show families how to reduce their utility bills and (…gag…) carbon footprint by linking household appliances in with a plug-in vehicle. By teaming up with appliance and energy companies like Whirlpool and SunPower – and tapping into the brain trust at Georgia Tech in Atlanta – Ford built a model that says MyEnergi can maximize renewable energy generation by managing "time-flexible" loading.

Essentially, we're talking about automation systems that monitor what devices needs electricity when by learning individuals human and household power usage patterns. The power can then be directed where needed, while levels are reduced to dormant areas.

For example, if you've charged your electric car and you're out for a drive, you're not home using the washer/dryer or water heater. With MyEnergi at work, electricity from solar panels or mainline sources could be limited and redirected. Or, once parked at home and charging, MyEnergi could send extra juice to the electric car — cutting off the extra feed once it's fully re-energized.

Once perfected and implemented a joint statement from Ford and its co-developers claims a potential 60% energy cost reduction in each family home.

From the Automotive side, I'll keep an eye out for further announcements and test of MyEnergi in 2013.

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