CES 2013: Qualcomm, Audi Partner for In-Car Tech

This Audi Le Mans machine might not need it, but Qualcomm's partnership with the carmaker looks to provide a better driving experience.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

At the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show, Audi announced a partnership with Qualcomm to produce in-car technology suites for the 2013 A3.

Automakers usually partner up with tech companies to develop their in-vehicle services. For example, Ford has famously partnered with Microsoft in the  past. This Audi/Qualcomm teaming will use 4G LTE wireless with data rates around 100 megabits per second. The new “Audi Connect” services will provide new perks like in-car Wi-Fi, internet radio, up to the second weather, direct web services and an improved navigation system that presents street level visual imagery streamed to the vehicle in real time.

Audi Connect uses a Gobi MDM9215 chipset able to power Wi-Fi hotspot access for up to eight devices inside the car with enough speed to make the user experience within the vehicle essentially identical to online usage outside the car. In other words, Qualcomm and Audi are shooting for that environment in which no passenger ever has to tolerate inferior online access because he or she is the moving vehicle — regardless if he or she is on a smartphone or tablet of any generation.

The Qualcomm-equipped 2013 A3 will hit showrooms by this spring.

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