Joe Biden Seeks Council w/ Games Industry to Talk Gun Violence

The Vice President and his task force will talk with the games industry about how to put a stop to all these gun attacks.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


United States Vice President Joe Biden and his task force will be meeting with video game industry representatives today to discuss gun violence and what to do about it following the events of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting last month. This is just the latest meeting Biden will be having with various associations (NRA, MPAA, etc.) to discuss the prospect of gun control and how we can limit/outright stop the downward spiral our country is experiencing when it comes to gun attacks.

The Entertainment Software Association has confirmed that they will be represented at the discussions with Biden. Additionally, representatives from various game publishers, retail stores and researchers who specialize in impact of video games on children, will be in attendance.

Associations such as the International Game Developers Association and the Electronic Consumer Association have both issued open letters to Biden ahead of today’s meeting. The former urged the Vice President to consider researching the effects of violent video games on children before hastily issuing a censorship law that would see the games industry experience something similar to what the comics industry experienced in the 1950s. 

If yesterday’s meeting with the film industry is any indication, Biden and his task force are approaching this whole ordeal with a level head. The only group that left yesterday’s proceedings fuming from the ears was the National Rifle Association, who obviously strongly opposes the idea of banning assault weapons and large weapon magazines in the United States.  

Vice President Biden and his task force plan to report their findings back to President Obama on Tuesday, January 15. I’m not trying to use this article as a forum for my own personal feelings on the matter, but I will say that I’m happy some sort of discussion is being raised on the matter. It’s about time.

We’ll be back with more on this if the findings are conclusive. 

[Source: Polygon]

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