WTF?! Maybe The Walking Dead FPS is in Worse Shape Than We Thought

A new trailer makes us worried about the state of Activision's upcoming shooter based on the AMC series.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Look, I’m not trying to jump the gun here and say Activision’s The Walking Dead first-person shooter, Survival Instinct, is going to be a bad game. Truthfully, I haven’t even touched the thing yet. However, the latest trailer announcing the game’s launch date of March 26th raises some red flags. Give it a look:

I’ve been writing about video games professionally for 4+ years at this point. I thought I had seen pretty much everything there is to see from our industry. But this is honestly the first time I’ve ever seen an announcement trailer – even if it’s only for the game’s release date – that doesn’t show a sliver of anything related to the actual game – no gameplay, no hint at the story, nothing. All we get are the two actors lending their likeness and voice to the project telling us the game is going to be totally rad, as if it was a legitimate concern that they would bad mouth a project they’re so integral to.

I’ve kind of made it my mission statement here at Crave to remain optimistic about titles leading up to launch, no matter what I’ve seen/played through trailers and hands-on experiences at conventions. There are a lot of negative people on the internet, and I don’t plan to be one of them. That said, when it comes time to give a critical response to a game for review, it’s my job to do so, pointing out both a title’s pros and cons to inform readers. That’s what will be happening with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct come March 26.

But the above trailer honestly does not bode well for the title. It seems like Activision is just not confident in the project, and is purposely keeping us in the dark about the game so they can avoid negative feedback leading into launch. Consider this: all we’ve seen of the game thus far is a fan-edited reel of early footage pulled from an IGN interview and the above “hype” trailer, neither of which paint the game in a particularly good light.

Typically, we see a debut trailer to generate initial buzz and then a full-on media blitz leading up to a title’s release date. For a property as big as AMC’s The Walking Dead, a show that millions of people watch, you would think Activision would be pimping this thing into the stratosphere, that even alien planets would know of its existence. Yet, it’s all radio silence.

It’s very suspicious.

Now, I could be totally wrong. I’m not one that can’t admit he was wrong. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct could release and it could be a blast. But the latest “trailer” has me worried that the game might take the road more traveled and be yet another example of a licensed video game gone wrong. What are your thoughts?

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