New DC Creative Teams for Swamp Thing, Red Hood

Talon writer James Tynion IV takes over for Scott Lobdell, while Scott Snyder's successor is a newcomer to DC.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Red Hood and The Outlaws

As had been stated previously, DC is trying to shake up their lower-tier titles with new creative team announcements, much in the vein of Marvel NOW's big shell game. The first couple of announcements came out today for the #19 issues of Red Hood & The Outlaws and Swamp Thing.

Scott Lobdell has taken over Superman and continues on Teen Titans, so his slot on Red Hood has been handed to James Tynion IV, the writer of the Batman spin-off series Talon. He's teaming with artist Mico Suayan, who's already been handling some covers. Take a look here.


Red Hood and The Outlaws


Talon might be a moody story – as it has to be, focusing on an ex-assassin fighting his old Court of Owls cronies – but Tynion insisted to Newsarama that he's not planning on changing the tone of Red Hood from high adventure and fun. We'll see if being Scott Snyder's protege can get him enough play to keep Red Hood afloat.

Speaking of Snyder, he's leaving Swamp Thing to write Man of Steel, so his spot was open as well. Who's stepping up to the plate? Charles Soule, who's written 27 and Strange Attractors. Replacing the perhaps-irreplaceable Yanick Paquette will be Kano. If you want more information on Soule, check out his io9 interview, where he talks about his experiences writing in-depth mythologies in 27 – which sounds a lot like the kinds of things crucial to Swamp Thing. You can also see the #19 cover by Andy Brase, featuring the Scarecrow.


Swamp Thing #19