CES 2013: Top 5 Mobile Device Innovations

[VIDEO]: Batteries that power just about anything, plants that tell you how they're doing and the return of the Polaroid for the 21st century -- all part of the Top 5 mobile device innovations at CES 2013!

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

CES 2013: Top 5 Mobile Device Innovations

Whether it's your smartphone or your tablet, the handheld device is quickly becoming your whole life resting in the palm of your hand — literally!

Manufacturers at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show are keenly aware of not only how important these digital assistants are for conducting our day-to-day lives, but how to make sure they're with us 24/7 — through any environment and aiding us in all of our personal and professional pursuits.

Powering, storing and securing that all important iPhone, Android or tablet is at the heart of several of the items we included in the Top 5 mobile device innovations we found at CES 2013.  Just like our lists of the best CES TV innovations and gaming breakthroughs, Crave's Nash Harrington and Athena Stamos walk us th rough our latest Top 5!

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