CBS’ Nina Tassler on The ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Series & Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’

The President of CBS entertainment shares more details about the updated Eddie Murphy franchise and making a major push for King's upcoming adaptation.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler’s executive session for the Television Critics Association included a video highlighting preproduction on “Under the Dome.” Tassler also spoke about the Stephen King based show during her panel, and we followed up with her soon after. Additionally, Tassler went on the record about the upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop” TV series starring Brandon T. Jackson as Axel Foley’s son, Aaron.

We asked Tassler what makes “Cop” a network show, versus cable. “I think that you’ve got a show that’s a relationship show,” replied Tassler. “Obviously the language that they used in the movie, we can’t and wouldn’t use on TV. For us it’s really about the juxtaposition about a guy who is a fish out of water working in Beverly Hills. There’s a lot of comedy on the Beverly Hills police force yet to be mined, so we’re looking forward to that.”

Tassler also confirmed that Eddie Murphy has agreed to appear in multiple episodes beyond the pilot. “He has, he’s in the pilot and he said he wants to come back multiple times in the course of the first order.”

On her announcement that “Under the Dome” would start shooting in February, Tassler could not confirm a cast yet: “We’re casting it now.”

When we asked how she planned to address The Simpsons Movie factor, Tassler laughed and replied “hopefully it’ll resolve itself.”

 During the panel, Tassler explained how “Under the Dome” went from Showtime to CBS.

“The situation with ‘Under the Dome,’ obviously it’s based on the Stephen King book," noted Tassler. "The script was developed at Showtime, option lapsed, Darryl [Frank] and Justin [Falvey] from Dreamworks called and said, ‘We’ve got this script, take a look.’ I read it over the weekend and I loved it. I just loved it."

"Look, ever since ‘Jericho’ for us, I love these kinds of big idea shows," continued Tassler. "I loved it, I loved the script. The auspices aren’t too shabby. You’re talking Stephen King, you’re talking Steven Spielberg. We had a meeting with Brian K. Vaughan who is also not chopped liver. We heard this extraordinary vision for 13 episodes and beyond. We really have a unique opportunity to do a big summer event and to do a script to series straight from script to 13. Also summers, you have to make some noise. We really wanted to this summer. as you can see from the schedule, we’ve got a lot of fresh, great content.”

“Jericho” is a bittersweet example. It got a short revival, but never really satisfied its devoted fans with an ending. Tassler was optimistic for “Under the Dome” to continue for summers to come. “Look, I’d love there to be another summer. I’d love this to be something people really look forward to. Look how excited people get for ‘Big Brother.’ We’d like to build it into a summer franchise.”

It doesn’t sound like the ending of episode 13 is playing it safe as a conclusion, just in case that’s it. “There will be a key piece of information the audience will have at the end of the summer.”

A note on “How I Met Your Mother,” Tassler said that she hopes to announce a ninth season in a few days. Either way, the show’s creators are ready to wrap it up, or keep it going. “They had two plans in place,” Tassler confirmed after the panel. “One, what we would do if we resolved this year, and what we would do if we came back next year. So we’re going to sit down and talk to them probably in about a month to see what there plans would be for next year.”