CES 2013: 3Net Brings Streaming 3D into Home Theaters

3Net is teaming with Sony, Netflix and other companies to bring 3D content into homes.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

A tour around any multiplex across the country makes it obvious that 3D is a permanent fixture in motion picture exhibition.

Blu-rays also brought 3D to home theater systems and a new generation of high-def TVs. But, with Blu-rays already starting to fade – and more consumers more impressed by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu. THe trouble is that those sites don’t offer streaming content in 3D.

Enter 3net.– a content provider dealing exclusively in a 3D library for streaming content. According to 3net President and CEO Tom Cosgrove, the company recently forged partnerships with Sony, Discovery, IMAX,Virgin TV, Sky, DirectTV and Netflix to add to its 3D content library and list of distribution channels.

“We’ve also just announced a dedicated production arm to address the lack of new and original 3D content available to support our technology,” Cosgrove told CraveOnline. “So, 3net Studios chose CES to unveil its initial production slate.”

“Meanwhile, we’re going to continue to work on expanding our distribution. We just announced a deal with Netflix here at CES, and we’ll be announcing more in the months to come.”

Cosgrove reports that 3net’s research indicates home audiences may be even more receptive to 3D than occasionally resistant theater crowds. Consumer response to in-house 3D is 70% positive, with 44% percent of 3d-equipped homes watching five or more hours of streamed 3D programming per week.

The introduction of no-glasses 3D TV – such as the new Dolby technology – should only further promote 3D into U.S. homes and sweeten the 3net pot.

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