The Only Argument Needed Against Tim Tebow Over Peyton Manning

If you need to shut up any Tebow fans spouting karma then this article is for you.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

There have been quick reactions to the Denver Broncos losing their first playoff game this year.  The Tim Tebow led Broncos beat the Steelers last year, but the Broncos shipped Tebow off and wooed Peyton Manning pretty heavily. Manning failed to accomplish what the much aligned Tebow was able to do, which is winning a playoff game.

So should Tebow have been the quarterback in Denver this year?

No. End of argument.

Okay, no Tebow fans (aka Tebowards) know what they are talking about. If they did, then they would be a GM of one of the 32 NFL teams. If they were a GM, then any of those 32 teams would sign Tebow to be their starting quarterback. Of course, no Tebow fans care about that. The Tebowards only remember the game winning drive.

Yeah, that’s pretty. But one game does not make a career.

Let’s expand the argument to include actual facts.

Tim Tebow had a Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) of 29.9 in 2011.


Remember that number and repeat it often.

Any whining of a high completion percentage can be countered by pointing out that Tebow ran as soon as he saw he couldn’t complete a pass. The Tebowards won’t hear that.

Any talk of his brilliant running prowess can be countered by pointing out the six fumbles. The Tebowards won’t hear that either.
Any talk of late game heroics will be cited again and again. Give them that… it was the stuff of Disney movies.

That ranks Tebow the 31st best quarterback. Thirty first. As in, there were 30 quarterbacks rated higher.


Here is a the bottom of the 2011 QBR ranking:
24. Rex Grossman, WAS, 43.9
25. Colt McCoy, CLE, 43.9
26. Tarvaris Jackson, SEA, 37.7
27. John Skelton, ARI, 35.1
28. Kevin Kolb, ARI, 34.4
29. Christian Ponder, MIN, 33.7
30. Mark Sanchez, NYJ, 33.6
31. Tim Tebow, DEN, 29.9
32. Sam Bradford, STL, 28.6
33. Curtis Painter, IND, 22.5
34. Blaine Gabbert, JAC, 20.6

In other words, such stalwarts of superstardom Rex Grossman, Tarvaris Jackson, and Kevin Kolb all ranked higher than Tebow. None of those guys are starters anymore.  Tebow can claim he was better than Curtis Painter and Blaine Gabbert, but he is not much for bragging.


The great thing about QBR is that it places emphasis on context. The more important the situation, the more emphasis is placed on scoring. Choke in the 4th quarter and your score suffers. Come through with a clutch performance and your score improves.

In other words, Tim Tebow was so bad during 95 percent of each game he played that any heroics during the final drives weren’t enough to overcome how crappy he played the rest of the contest.

Peyton Manning in 2012 had the No. 1 best 'top of the list' QBR of 84.1.

= 54.2

Peyton Manning in 2012 is worth a whole Cam Newton (55.0 QBR) better than Tebow was in 2011.

At this point, anyone who still insists Tebow should be a starting QB for their team deserves whatever team they are then forced to suffer to watch.

29.9. Memorize it.

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