Rumor: Next Gen Console Announcements Coming in March?

Are Sony and Microsoft prepping "Apple-style" press conferences to announce their next gaming consoles? Sources say...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Next generation console rumors have been circling the video game industry like buzzards for what feels like ages now. We practically can’t go a week without a new insider source cropping up and shouting from the mountaintops that new systems are inbound and they have “dem exclusive deets.” As of right now, since we have no official word from Microsoft and Sony on the matter, all of these rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt, including the latest that I’m about to detail.

Game Informer (via VideoGamer) serves as the latest well of information concerning the announcement plans for the next Xbox and PlayStation. According to the site, Sony and Microsoft are planning “Apple-style press conferences” to announce their new consoles, respectively. These conferences will be held in late March, right as the Game Developers Conference gets underway. This will leave E3 in June to act as a platform for next-gen software announcements as hype is generated leading into the holiday season when the consoles will launch.

"E3 in June may be the industry's biggest event, but both companies want to give their systems their own limelight," says Game Informer. "That doesn't mean E3 won't be without its surprises. Next-gen games will be announced at the convention in preparation for the systems' release at the end of the year."

The site goes on to predict that Sony will be pushing hard to get the PlayStation 4 (or whatever it’s called) out the door before Microsoft’s next Xbox. As we all know, Sony entered the next-gen marketplace (now known as current gen) a year after Microsoft launched the Xbox 360. However, Sony has caught up and overtaken Microsoft as far as overall sales are concerned. But with their next system, it makes sense that they don’t want to rush out of the gate and immediately have to play catch-up; Sony wants to be the frontrunner this time around.

It might be a few more weeks/months before we hear anything concrete from Microsoft and Sony about these supposed “Apple-style press conferences” – if at all. But I will say, the idea makes a lot more sense than dual reveals at E3 where the two powerhouse companies have to share the limelight. It’s that same mentality that led Apple to decide to host exclusive conferences for their announcements in the first place. So it makes sense Microsoft and Sony would take a page out of their book and host their own respective conferences to really blow things out. And on that note, please less Usher concerts, Microsoft…

We’ll be back with more next-gen rumors when we hear them (as long as they’re worth discussing). But in the meantime, what’s your take on this? Would you rather have pre-E3 pressers, or would you prefer the consoles be announced at the same time at E3? 

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