16-Year-Old Surfer Lands Backflip

Watch as Brazilian Surfer Yago Dora becomes the second to accomplish the feat this winter.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

 Want to see something pretty gnarley?  Well then check this out:

You saw that correctly; someone landed a backflip for the second time this winter.  That person would be 16-year-old Brazilian surfer Yago Dora, who accomplished the feat this weekend, not long after Gabriel Medina did it at North Shore earlier this season.  The talk might be all about snow these days but let’s not forget it’s a prime time to shred some huge waves.

Dora has been working on his own version of the backflip for well over a year and his father and trainer, Leandro Dora, noted that Dora has always been inspired by the ability and talent of Medina. Last week, Dora landed a double-grab backflip at Rocky Point but it wasn’t the move he had been working to perfect.  Dora’s father admits that his son’s main goal this winter season was to get in experience with quality waves — he’s certainly doing that.

Their training regiment has included a lot of surfing, video analysis and a plethora of different physical exercises.  He’s also been working with several other young up-and-coming Brazilians.  The backflip isn’t something that happens often in surfing but with two already this season, we’re sure to see a few more before the winter comes to an end.  How many do you think we’ll see?

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